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 Engineered for Professional Chandlers.



 As you may have noticed, over the last few months here at EROMA, we've been gradually rolling out our new range of wicks from Pro Wicks. 


The wick is the heart of a candle and key to a high quality end product. We have tirelessly researched wicks across a number of different suppliers and concluded that Pro Wicks truly are the best option. 


Pro Wicks are coated in a special blend of priming wax which has been rigorously tested to enhance rigidity during pouring and burning, and promote an even burn. All ProWick products are checked by a quality assurance team to ensure they are of the highest quality before being sold. They also come packaged neatly in a reusable box to prevent tangling and damage during transit.



If you're moving over to using ProWicks in your candles, don't worry there's no retesting required - they are the same wick type. ProWicks are simply enhanced quality and come in a neat protective box to reduce risk of damage & breakages 📦





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Prevent wick tangling and tab breakages with ProWicks.


  • Keep different wick sizes separated and manageable
  • Made with the finest raw materials in the world from Germany and the USA
  • Quality checked to ensure high performance upon delivery
  • Available in CDN / HTP / Tealight / Votive
  • Wooden Wicks from ProWicks currently in development